Products and Services


  • Liquid sucrose
  • Delivered in “aseptic totes” for smaller sized operations
  • Delivered in tanker loads for larger-sized operations

At Wildrose Sugar Ltd. we offer customizable orders of liquid cane sugar in large tanker loads as well as “aseptic totes”. Our new distribution method via aseptic totes allows us to supply liquid cane sugar to smaller-sized operations, which can be challenged to support tanker loads into their facilities. 

We have the ability to customize cane sugar to your specifications, ensuring that your order is fit for your sugar needs. Choose your colour and packaging method, and we do the rest!

About Raw Sugar Cane

Natural, raw cane sugar does not come in a white colour, rather, a golden colour. Lack of colour in the sugar can actually indicate over processing, reducing the antioxidant content in the sugar, and the natural benefits in the liquid sugar have been stripped away. During the traditional refining process, raw sugar colour is reduced, and extremely low RBU (Reference Base Units) is the result of energy-intensive sugar production methods, but not a measure of quality itself.

Manufacturers are finding that higher RBU liquid sugar offers significant financial, nutritional, and environmental benefits with essentially no downside. At Wildrose Sugar Ltd., we are conscious of how much food producers can benefit from the natural raw antioxidants. We make higher colour/higher antioxidant liquid sugar for those applications where a darker colour is acceptable, and where a healthier alternative is desired.

Different Coloured Sugar

Colour variations are available for custom orders!

Non – GMO Cane Sugar

Our raw materials have been produced exclusively without using any genetic modifications.

Wildrose Sugar Ltd. product is 100% cane sugar in its purest form, and our refining technique ensures the quality of the cane sugar stays that way.